Patagonia and Glaciers

A journey to Patagonia inhospitable and unknown where we will visit the best places of the Andean mountain range in Santa Cruz, Argentina. .
We will visit the Perito Moreno Glacier and Route 15 in El Calafate.
We will navigate through the amazing Glacier National Park surrounded by ice floes .
We will arrive at the El Cóndor room through the Patagonian steppe to tour the San Martín Lake .
Road to El Chaltén we will visit the abandoned rooms of the conquest of the desert. There we will visit the Desert Lake.
A unique tour of 1,100 km by motorcycle.


8 days

2020 tours:

From Jan 4th to 11th
From Jan 12th to 19th

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salineras de maras
Day 1: Arrival by flight to El Calafate

Arrival to El Calafate. Break. Before dinner technical meeting of the trip, a talk about the trip program.

Day 2: El Calafate (220 km)

In the early morning we will visit the Los Glaciares National Park, embarking on a ferry from Punto Bandera to navigate the arms of Lake Argentino where the great glaciers of the National Park converge. In the afternoon we will go to the footbridges of Perito Moreno Glacier to contemplate this temple of nature with calm.

Day 3: El Calafate - Estancia El Cóndor (220 km)

We will cross the arid plateau of the Three Lakes on Route 40 arriving at Lake San Martin and the El Cóndor room.

Day 4: Excursion through Estancia El Cóndor (100 km)

We will go on a motorcycle to explore the limits of the El Cóndor stay .

Day 5: Excursion on Lake San Martin (150 km)

From the El Cóndor stay we will go to the border with Chile and crossing the San Martín lakes and its Chacabuco arm and the Maipú peninsula. We will be in the middle of the “Nada” with fantastic views of the surrounding lakes.

Day 6: Estancia El Cóndor - El Chaltén

We will leave for El Chaltén on totally inhospitable paths enjoying virgin and unknown places by motorcycle. The paths we travel belong to the Desert conquest .

salineras de maras

Day 7: Desert Lake Excursion

From El Chaltén we will go to Desert Lake on an incredible scenic route.

Day 8: El Chaltén - El Calafate - Departure

Departure of flights from El Calafate airport.

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