About us

Adventure torus

Since January 2014 we have been riding motorbikes off the roads of the maps in search of adventure. More than 400 people have enjoyed our trips. The motorcycle is the ideal vehicle to enjoy what we like, as true children of the wind. We make friends in places full of life and positive energy.

We go by motorcycle

We take yours or rent one. Our bikes are enduro. Depending on the region of the tour, they can be models between 200/300 cc of the Beta, Honda and Yamaha brands.
We are followed by a 4x4 truck as a support vehicle, with place for two passengers.

Travel brothers

Our groups are eight people plus two guides, normal people like passengers. We all like adventure and the guides respect, help, understand, always with a smile, for the well-being of the group on the trip. The level of off-road motorcycle experience of the tour participants adapts to the whole of the tour.

We like to enjoy

Because crossing rivers where there are no bridges, climbing roads where there are no roads, from the desert to the ocean, crossing high mountain passes, following the valleys and contemplating the lakes, makes us happy. And as a flourish, get to a small town, meet the locals and savor regional dishes, complete each day of crossing.

Motorcycle rental and transport

200/300 cc, Beta, Honda and Yamaha enduro models.


Charming hotels and cabins. In a double or shared room, always with hot bath, comfortable beds and cleaning.

Tour leader

Charly is responsible for the management of the group. More than a motorcycle travel guide, enjoy the trip together. Enjoy and be surprised as one of the travelers.

Photo and video album

At the end of the trip we make an album with the best photos and edit a gift video to the participants. All with the Enduro Austral shirt / shirt :)

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