Tierra del Fuego

We will visit Río Grande leaving for Chile on Route B. We will cross the border through the Bella Vista Pass, along routes 769 - Y85, Lake Cami, the < strong> Yehuin and Fagnano lakes .
We will return to Argentina stopping at Tolhuin and continuing to Lapataia Bay, Route J, Moat River, Beagle Channel , Estancia Harberton and the flag trees.
We will arrive at Ushuaia to visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park .
We will return to Rio Grande through the wreck (ship wreck) of Desdemona, in Cape San Pablo .
It will be 1,200 kilometers of pure motorcycle adventure in the end of the world .


7 days

2020 tour:

March 28th - April 5th.

Enduro Austral
tierra-del-fuego-Enduro Austral
Day 1: Arrival by flight to Rio Grande

Arrival to Rio Grande. Break. Before dinner, technical meeting of the trip, talk about driving in strong winds and travel program.

Day 2: Río Grande - Lago Blanco (Chile) (300 km)

We will leave on Route B passing in front of the Estancia Jose Menendez arriving in Chile by Paso Bella Vista . We will continue on routes 769 and Y85 until the end of the road, end of the world , on Lake Cami.
We rest in Chile on Lake Blanco .

Day 3: Lago Blanco (Chile) - Tolhuin (260 km)

From Lake Blanco we will cross the Bella Vista pass and then take routes F and H to Lake Yehuin reaching Tolhuin .
Then we will cross the coast of < strong> lake Fagnano to the climbed Valdez for the most daring. La Valdez is the iconic climb of La Vuelta de Tierra del Fuego.

Day 4: Tolhuin - Ushuaia (280 km)

We will depart from Tolhuin along the Fuegian roads Beagle Channel , the Moat River and the flag trees.
We will see the Picton, New and Lennox Islands arriving at the Harberton ranch. We will return along the entire Beagle Channel to Ushuaia .

Day 5: Ushuaia (60 km)

Motorbike excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Day 6: Ushuaia - Río Grande (280 km)

From Ushuaia we will go to the Garibaldi Pass making a section of the Tour of Tierra del Fuego . Then we will go to the coasts of the Argentine sea back to Rio Grand, and but arriving on the route A to Cabo San Pablo to see the wreck of the Desdemona fishing ship. < / p>

tierra-del-fuego-Enduro Austral

Day 7: Rio Grande - Departure

Departure of flights from the Rio Grande airport.

Enduro Austral

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