Carretera Austral

We will leave Perito Moreno on the Route 45 of Argentina to cross the Andes to Chile through the step Engineer Ibáñez Pallavicini . We will border the Lake Buenos Aires (Argentina) and General Carreras (Chile). On the route CH-7 we will travel the Chilean Patagonia from north to south , parallel to the Pacific Ocean. In Puerto Sánche z we will embark to visit the incredible marble caves on an island of the lake and we make an excursion until the end the trail through the mountain. We will sail by ferry through the Mitchell Fjord . We will reach the end of the Carretera Austral in Villa O’higgins through valleys of blue water lakes and white waterfalls. We will cross the Mayer River pass towards Route 40 in Argentina. They will be 1,300 km of scenic road by the end of the world by motorcycle.


9 days

2019 tours:

From October 19th to 27th.

2020 tours:

From October 17th to 25th
From October 25th to November 1st

Enduro Austral
carretera-austral-Enduro Austral
Day 1: Buenos Aires - Comodoro Rivadavia (Flight) - Perito Moreno

Arrival at Comodoro Rivadavia airport in the morning. Transfer by road to Perito Moreno.
As welcome Oscar awaits us, with his traditional roast lamb.

Day 2: Perito Moreno - Puerto Sánchez (270 km)

We will leave Perito Moreno on the route 45 of the Argentine Patagonia . We crossed to Chile through the step Engineer Ibáñez Pallavicini bordering Lake Buenos Aires (Argentina) and General Carreras (Chile). We pass by the Ibáñez River Falls to Puerto Sánchez.

Day 3: Excursion in Puerto Sánchez (120 km)

In the morning we embark, only the group with the guide and the boatman, towards the incredible marble caverns . Upon returning, by mountain tracks we will reach the green meadow where the road ends and we will go down to the riverbank for lunch. In the afternoon we will climb a path , towards the top of the valley where the view of the snowy mountains and the lake is beautiful.

Day 4: Puerto Sánchez - Cochrane (170 km)

From Puerto Sanchez we will go down again to the Austral Highway to continue south, towards Cochrane.
We will pass through the snow again and enjoy the excellent views of the lake with the delta at the bottom of the Murta River.

Day 5: Cochrane - Caleta Tortel (126 km)

We will go south to reach the Ocean. There Caleta Tortel awaits us with its unimaginable walkways pedestrians to explore it.

Day 6: Caleta Tortel - Villa O’higgins (154 km)

Early, after about 50 km, embark on the ferry from Puerto Yungay . The vehicle ferry is a public service, it is not paid for its use, in it we will cross the Micthell Fjord , to continue along the Austral Road. In the fjord the waters of the rivers that descend from the mountain range are mixed. We will continue between the snowy mountains and the blue lakes until the end of the Austral Highway, where each curve gives us a new postcard, reaching Villa O'higgins .

carretera-austral-Enduro Austral

Day 7: Mayer Pass crossing or return to Cochrane
Option 1:
Villa O'higgins - Paso Mayer - Las Horquetas or Lago Posadas (110/180 km)

Very early we will leave for the carabineros post from Chile from Paso Mayer. After the customs formalities, we will wade the Mayer River, confluence is of the Baker and Chico. It will be 9 km between the two border posts that are the great challenge of the trip. Already in Gendarmería Argentina and after the procedures, we will take a path to route 40 . The sunset heading east through the landscapes of Patagonia , from the snowy peaks to the steppe, its colors and wildlife, are a wonder of nature that is difficult to explain even being an eyewitness ..

Note: Note on the options of this section: Crossing the Mayer Pass depends on the weather and other circumstances such as water level. Enduro Austral may decide to modify the itinerary if it considers an unnecessary risk at any time. If this is the case, you will return to Cochrane and the eastern part of General Carreras Lake, until you cross Perito Moreno through the Jeinimeni River Pass.
If the crossing is made, there are two accommodation options according to the schedules and expected times of the day. Las Horquetas or Lago Posadas.

Option 2:
Villa O’higgins - Cochrane (240 km)

We will return to the north on the southern road to Cochrane.
carretera austral

carretera austral

Day 8: We return to Perito Moreno from Cochrane or the Mayer Pass
Option 1: Las Horquetas or Lago Posadas - Perito Moreno (220/260 km)

We will leave for Perito Moreno from Las Horquetas or Posadas Lake.

Option 2: Cochrane - Perito Moreno (250 km)

We will return to Argentina along the Jeinimen River pass to the hotel in Perito Moreno.

Day 9: Perito Moreno - Comodoro Rivadavia - Buenos Aires.

We will return in vans with a trailer to the airport of Comodoro Rivadavia.

Enduro Austral

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