From Rodeo in San Juan (Argentina) we will cross the Andes along the Agua Negra pass 4780 meters above sea level and arrive at La Serena (Chile) on the Pacific ocean coast . The coast is traveled northwards through deserted beaches and sand and stone paths . Cactus and rock landscapes with challenging shapes are unique. In Huasco we will make an excursion to a deserted beach to spend the day in front of the blue waters of the ocean, have lunch and take a bath. Then we will arrive to Bahía Inglesa to go to the Sea of ​​Dunes , a section of the Dakar awaits us. We return across the Andes through Pircas Negras 4164 masl. We will travel 1,500 km over the Andes, the Pacific beaches and the Atacama Desert .


9 days

2019 tour:

December 7 to 15

2020 tour:

December 5-13.

atacama-enduro austral
atacama-enduro austral
atacama-enduro austral
atacama-enduro austral
atacama-enduro austral
atacama-enduro austral
Day 1: Buenos Aires - Rodeo

We travel in vans with trailers from Buenos Aires to Rodeo (San Juan)
Flight option:
San Juan Airport (211 km Rodeo / 350 km Villa Castelli)

Day 2: Rodeo - La Serena (335 km)

Very early we will start west, from Rodeo with the Andes mountain range in front. The first kilometers are asphalt perfectly drawn as a circuit. Suddenly comes the rubble that we did not abandon until 250 km later. We pass ice walls over 50 meters to reach the Agua Negra (4780 masl) pass. We celebrate the moment and begin the rapid descent, taking alternative paths, where due to its state and greater slope, they ensure fun. We will border the valley mountains of all colors will frame us until we reach the La Laguna reservoir. The descent continues through vineyard valleys until you see the ocean and La Serena again.

Day 3: La Serena - Huasco (250 km)

We will leave La Serena on the good asphalt of Route 5 to Punta Chorros . From there the sand begins, the deserted beaches and the paths "rise and fall" of pointed stones. Always with the Pacific blue on the left for 170 kilometers of motorcycle madness.

Day 4: Excursion in Huasco to the beach (75 km)

We will go south of Huasco along the coast along a very fine sandy track reaching a deserted beach with blue waters . We spent the day there. We have lunch, we walk, we bathe and rest.

Day 5: Huasco - Caldera (250 km)

In this section, the arena is still more protagonist of the route. We will continue through movie scenarios, deserts, cactus fields, blue water, dunes, rocks. We will climb a viewpoint in a dune and listen to the sea lions of a rock hundreds of meters away in the sea. Before Bahía Inglesa we pass through a beautiful oasis formed by a slope. We will return to the green of the vegetation after many hours. When it seems that the day is going to end, we go out on a sandy path at sunset. Raises, descents, jumps and more sand, prepare us for the next day.

Day 6: Dune Sea Excursion (120 km)

Without hurry but without pause we will leave Caldera in search of the Sea of ​​Dunes . We spent the morning there and had lunch in the middle of a desert with dunes of hundreds of meters . At the end of the day, after the techniques learned for sand navigation, you will feel like a motorcycle surfer.

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Day 7: Caldera - Alto Jagüel (425 km)

The return from Caldera to the east is a new spectacle crossing the Andes through Pircas Negras 4164 masl. More than 300 km of mountain along roads without traffic and motorbike. > Then 80 km of high plateau at more than 4000 meters above sea level, which will end after passing through the spectacular Laguna Brava . When the descent begins the multicolored landscape and calm. Going down we will enjoy the spectacular colors of the valleys and mountains of the Andes. For dinner, a rich lamb waits in Alto Jagüel already in La Rioja.

Day 8: Alto Jagüel - Ongamira (75 km)

We will go by motorcycle to Villa Unión, and then upload them to the trailer. In a van we will continue towards the beautiful mountains of Córdoba where we will spend the night in the mountains.

Day 9: Ongamira - Buenos Aires

We will continue in the vans to Buenos Aires.

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