Argentine Highlands

In a surprising, unique and circular motorcycle tour we travel 1,300 kilometers of the most varied landscapes, C Ampo de Piedra Pomez , lava rivers, Salar of the Dead Man, San Antonio de los Cobres, Abra del Acay, La Poma, Cachi, Laguna del Brealito, Angastaco, Quebrada de las Flechas and Cafayate . A high crossing to enjoy the Andes.


9 days

2019 tour

September 14-22.

2020 tour

September 12-20.

Enduro Austral
Altiplano Argentino
Day 1: Buenos Aires - Londres

Travel in trucks with trailers from Buenos Aires to Londres (Catamarca)
Flight option:
La Rioja Airport - Londres (Catamarca) (226 km to Londres)

Day 2: Londres -The Rock (Catamarca) (213 km)

We will go north to the Corral Quemado, the Barranca Larga, the Cuesta de Randolfo with its area of ​​dunes and the Laguna Blanca.

Day 3: El Peñon - Antofagasta de la Sierra (120 km)

We will cross the Piedra Pómez field with its capricious forms carved by the Zonda wind. We will roll between sand, volcanic stones and lava rivers.

Day 4: Antofagasta de la Sierra - San Antonio de los Cobres (Salta) (324 km)

Today we will cross two salt flats by motorcycle : The Dead Man's Salar (Vertex of the lithium triangle that forms next to Atacama and Uyuni) and the Salar de Pocitos . We will continue through the Incahuasi Mine and Tolar Grande , many kilometers of unusual landscapes, landscapes that leave you surprised.

Day 5: San Antonio de los Cobres - Cachi (145 km)

On the Abra del Acay we will go up to 5,000 meters above sea level along cornice roads and cliffs. We border the Calchaquí River with its spectacular Cardones . From La Poma south we will reach Cachi.

Day 6: Cachi - Cafayate (157 km)

We will go to Laguna del Brealito to visit the fantastic Colomé winery . We will continue to Angastaco, in the heart of the Calchaquí Valleys accessing the Quebrada de Las Flechas .


Day 7: Cafayate - Londres (Catamarca) (262 km)

We will enjoy the last day by motorcycle on Route 40 and its characteristic villages to Londres.

Day 8: Londres - Ongamira (Córdoba)

In a van we will go to the beautiful mountains of Córdoba, where we will spend the night in the mountains.

Day 9: Ongamira - Buenos Aires

We will continue in the vans to Buenos Aires.
Flight option:
La Rioja Airport - Londres (Catamarca) (226 km to Londres)

Enduro Austral

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